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Sesquicentennial Planning Committee

We give a big shout-out to our sesquicentennial planning committee, who has dedicated endless hours to making sure the celebrations and events throughout the sesquicentennial year go off without a hitch!

Chairs: Nancy Sandack Borgenicht ’60
Joe Borgenicht
Melanie Borgenicht

Pat Ammon
Christina Lau Billings ’98
David Billings ’98
Skip Branch ’60
Hilary Amoss Gibbons ’96
Victoria Hodgkins

Vicky Gibbons Hoagland ’67
Jodie Ray Hunt ’58
Molly Jones ’07
Erica Keil
Erika McCarthy
Jeff Miller ’98
Libby Mitchell ’92
Preston Nielson ’01
Stephanie Orfanakis
Robyn Payne ’02

Erika Palsson
Bette Bennett Penney ’57
Gini Sweet Pringle ’56
Val Floyd Rasmussen ’93
Susan Koles Rickman
Clover Sanders ’97
Theresa Sueoka
Mary Anne Wetzel ’01
Doug Wortham