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The Intermountain West's First and Finest Independent School


Message from the Head of School

Since its founding in 1867, approximately 3,500 young men and women have graduated from Rowland Hall. Collectively, our alumni have studied in hundreds of different classrooms on more than five campuses. While faculty still teach some of the same classic texts and theories, the integration of iPads and laptops into the learning process would likely baffle our early twentieth-century Winged Lions. Although much continues to change in the world, Rowland Hall remains true to its core commitment: offering children the best education in the Intermountain West, and teaching them how to lead ethical and productive lives.

As we launch our 150th anniversary celebration, I invite you to reflect on your personal memories of Rowland Hall and share them here. While teachers and uniforms have varied by decade, anyone who has been a part of our community can testify that this school changes you. It gives us gifts, and enriches our lives. For me, being around our students for 25 years has helped me stay young at heart, which is an immeasurable gift: Rowland Hall continuously reminds me of the joy of being a child.

To all our alumni, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, current students, and friends: thank you for helping to make Rowland Hall great for 150 years. Now, it’s time to celebrate! I hope to see you all at various events throughout the year.